Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Got Lemons?

So here is the product of 6 months or patients!
My husband said that being Italian I should know how to make Italian things, i.e. spaghetti sauce form scratch and any other innately Italian things... so I tried my hand at Lemoncello.
The first round wasn't the greatest it didn't set long enough and it was way to sweet. So this time I didn't add the sugar syrup yet, instead added just a cup and half of sugar to the fermenting process.
It taste lovely, but needs to be cut with something, so I did it with Tonic, and it was pretty tasty!
We will be experimenting a bit with sugar water to get the right consistency! But so far so good!

The process is long and requires a lot of patients. It helps that my husband and I are not big drinkers!
It starts with a couple of bottles of liquor as close to Everclear as you can get.

Then skinning the lemons, which is not as easy as it looks! and you can tell I kind of lost patience by a few wedges shoved in the jug!

Pour in the Everclear

and let it set occasionally shaking the jug here and there ever few weeks to make sure all the lemons get soaked!

this is what happens when you include lemon wedges! a full day of straining... literally it took a full day! (NO EXAGGERATION)

then pop it all back in the jug to stew that much longer and then you have a gorgeously yellow drink that tastes all lemony and yummy!

I think the longer it sets the smother it gets, so I am going to start another batch after I bottle all the stuff I have left, I think they will make nice hostess gifts whenever B and I go anywhere! A little gift of love and patients!