Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Introduction

For my first post I think it would be good to explain a little of how this came about.
I was speaking one day with my husband about finding what I was good at, not just good but excellent. Since he is an incredible musician and artist and all my friends have their own spectacular talents that they are just known for:
L has her cakes, K has her Yoga, R has his stories, W has his smoker, M has her flirty friendliness They all have something that makes them incredibly uniquely special! I thought it would be best if I could find mine. So here I am trying to perfect my "talent" of baking pies. I am striving for one a week, which my husband B has yet to find out, to perfect my skill and become the person that everyone one says "Oh my gosh you haven't had pie till you have had Kretzy's pie!"