Thursday, November 12, 2009

PI 1

This weekend my lovely mother in-law has planned a weekend family trip to the coast! I am super excited cause I have a reason to try and bake a pie... or two.
Unfortunately the last two Apple pies I tried to make did not fair so well so I decided to try something new this weekend a pumpkin pie, and a vintage pie recipe I found that is supposed to taste like Creme Brulee!
The recipe calls for cooking it the night before and letting it stay in the refrigerator over night, so I plan on making it tonight since we head out tomorrow after work!
The pumpkin I am going with a safe bet and making it from a can, I know I know not really what I am setting out to do, but I figure we should at least have one good specimen! So I will post a picture of the finished piece but not special recipe!