Sunday, November 22, 2009

pot luck suprise!

I apologize for not posting yesterday like I said I would, but I will be putting out a few today:
special pie crust recipes
sweet potato pie with glaze
and possiby one more! We will see!

But I just wanted to say the Creme Brulee pie may not have been the prettiest pie ever, but it sure was delicious!!!
B and I spent the day with our very good friends R & K, we had a delightful day shopping yesterday (B got many new shirts that making him even more handsome). After a long day we all went out to eat and came back to our house to try out the pie! I think we were all a little nervous to try it, but thank God for such wonderfully supportive freinds and husband, they all tried it! and thanfully it did not taste burnt or anything, it had a very nice flavor, creamy, and smooth with a crispy crust! it was very delightful! And K gave me some good hints about how they do the Creme Brulee at the resturaunt, so next time K will be there to help me torch the top! She said that the 1/3 cup of sugar the recipe called for to spread over the top was way too much! She said it needs a really thin layer so it melts evenly, that having that much means it is that much more the heat has to melt! So I am putting in my request for a torch! we will see what Santa puts in my stocking!!!