Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blueberry Breakfast

This past Monday I was searching the house for something
to grab and take into work for breakfast,
since I had no such luck
I made the plan to head home after work
and make some muffins for the next morning!

I decided to break out my gorgeous mint green kitchen aid,
since it is the baking season
I polished her up and made a very special place
for her on the kitchen counter!

The next mission was to bake!

I found a yummy recipe in a book I bought a while ago.
The recipe called for raspberry jam to be swirled in the top,
unfortunately B finished off his jar of jam,
so I used what was left on two and improvised on the rest!
I used blueberries, since these are Bs favorite type of muffin,
and the other I used grape jelly we received as a wedding present
from a dear old friends, Mrs. B and Mr. M.
And this is what the delicious little treats looked like:

Now that the real baking season is upon us,

you can probably expect to see a lot more recipes up,
other than just pies! I hope you enjoy!