Monday, November 16, 2009


It is Monday and we are back from a relaxing weekend at the coast.
B and I headed out Friday night through fog and rain to reach Newport's clear skies full of stars!

The house that B's family rented
was right on the beach,
what a sight to wake up to the next morning!

B headed out crabbing with his
dad and brother in-law
while the girls stayed at home to make breakfast
and keep and eye on the kids!
After all the boys got home most of us took a nap,
B and I took the longest...
it was a long week for B!
Later that night my new brother in-law
made some yummy clam chowder

And we ate the delicious crab that my husband help bring home!

Later I made sweetened-whipped cream
to serve with the pumpkin pie,
which was well received!

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of a piece of the sour apple cream pie, because it did not last long enough for me to get one! Every one loved it! it was devoured shortly after being cut into!
So I definitely recommend this recipe to anyone willing to try it! It has almost a cheese cake flavor, but not too much with a little bit of a bite form the tarts apples! And the cinnamon sugar topping really added a delightful flavor!

For this week I want to figure out the best way to make the cream brulee pie, I tried it again last night, but the filling never quite set up! I am determined to conquer this recipe!

I also have plans to make a sweet potato pie, and try a few yummy... non pie... recipes I found in a cookbook over the weekend!